To identify economically exploitable research results and make researchers sensitive to protecting their results.

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1. Identifying economically exploitable research results

 2. Awareness sessions related to intellectual property protection


Are you a researcher ?

Then you do know that in many cases beneficiaries of research funds are fostered to transfer  the results of their research within/to society as a way to boost the emergence of new economic activities.

For those of you who are accustomed to publishing in prestigious scientific journals, it is a matter of changing your attitude as to your research results the idea being to protect your results and  keep control of the way they are used.

In this context, LTTO provides you with the necessary advice and works alongside you to:

  • detect/identify new economically exploitable research results,  that is which can give rise to a transfer of knowledge to civil society,
  • draw up an "Invention Discosure",
  • check that the results put forward are original using prior art-search tool (to browse relevant databases),
  • protect the aforesaid results (patent, copyright, secret, brand, design and model, Proprietary Variety Certificate) before publishing them.

Several Technology Transfer Officers share the task according to the following subjects: Biotechnology & health - Food processing & environment - Energy, surfaces & materials - ICT & nanotechnologies - Human and social sciences. They are assisted daily by legal advisers and economists.

Are you wondering about intellectual property protection?

LTTO has published several guides as regards intellectual property protection and the software valuation.

However, should you want to know more, be aware that LTTO also organises, upon request, sessions intended to increase understanding and use of intellectual property and knowledge transfer.

So feel free to ask !