LTTO mission and governance team

The mission of Louvain Technology Transfer Office consists of maximising the technology and knowledge transfer processes between UCLouvain and civil society. 
Pr Jean-Didier Legat, Rectoral Adviser for Development and Knowledge transfer, is the Chairman.

The Board of Directors of UCLouvain and Sopartec S.A. have commissioned the Technology Transfer Committee (TTC) to determine the directions and implement the strategic choices of LTTO.


Its composition is identical to that of the Board of Directors of Sopartec.

The Bureau, the organ of the LTTO's operational management, is composed of three people: the Chairman of LTTO, Pr Jean-Didier Legat; the Director of the UCLouvain’s Office of Research Administration, Mr Xavier Lepot; the Chief Executive Officer of Sopartec S.A, Mr Philippe Durieux.


The daily management of LTTO is organised as follows:

  • the "Funding" aspects are managed by Dr Nathalie Burteau,
  • the "Scouting" part (identifying the research results which can be value-added) is managed by Dr Christine Guyot,
  • the "Development" aspects are managed by Dr Filip Goossens,
  • the "Commercialisation" issues are managed by Mr André Vandemeulebroecke.