Collaboration Opportunities and Technology Offers

Certain UCLouvain research entities are ready to collaborate with a company in order to apply their expertise to the marketing of new products or services (“Collaboration Opportunities”)

LTTO markets also state-of-the-art technologies (“Technology Offers”) developed at the UCLouvain, the Cliniques universitaires St-Luc and the Institut de Duve. The projects described in this section are available for licence or commercialisation (material transfer, etc.).

If you are looking for a technology which is not included  in this list, please contact us.

These offers are sorted by thematic groups :

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Advanced Structural Analysis

Lap joint welding of dissimilar materials

MultiBody Systems Modelling wIth ROBOTRAN

Nodus 7.0 : multimodal Freight Transport Network Modeling

Smart strain sensors based on MOS transistors


Biotech / Health

Capture proteasome activity assay (CAPA)

Diagnosing endothelial dysfunction to prevent cardiovascular diseases

Expression plasmid for ethylmalonyl-coa-decarboxylase (echdc1)

Increased protein production yield by improved bacterial strains selection

In vivo and in vitro expertise using magnetic resonance technologies

New photosensitizers to block tumor growth by photodynamic therapy

Pharmaceutical processes control

Plasmid-based therapeutic vaccination platform: a proof of concept in melanoma

Polymer chemistry platform for modulating the pharmacokinetics of inhaled therapeutics

Prognostic Breast Cancer Test – Optimizing treatment based on tumor fingerprinting


Materials / Energy